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Earth Environmental have vision, to provide a high quality, cost effective and pragmatic geotechnical, mining, geological and environmental service to our clients. We take pride in our work, we enjoy our work, and we are very committed to provision of timely services at a reasonable cost with clearly presented solutions.

We will operate as a niche small to medium sized technical consultancy practice and grow the business gradually, in a sustainable manner. Our long term aim is to provide a national service delivered by local offices, run by technically proficient staff with a strong business acumen.

Slope Stability Assessment, Tameside

A steep slope at the rear of properties was monitored by land surveying as there was evidence of land instability, which materialised along a busy public footpath.

A site investigation was procured to allow for examination of ground conditions in the area of shallow surface movement and to obtain parameters for a slope stability assessment.

Restricted access meant that a windowless sampling rig could only be used, rather than a cable percussive rig, which would have allowed for inspection of deeper strata.

The resultant drilling proved a weak horizon at 2m which could be attributed to slope movement.

Dynamic Cone Penetration testing allowed for recording SPT N equivalent values to a depth of 10m.

These further highlighted the weak zone at a shallow depth.

Ten Cumbria Sites

In the last quarter of 2017 the Stockport office was busy conducting site investigations on ten sites in Cumbria for new telecommunication masts on electricity sub-station sites.

The work involved a combination of window sampling, cable percussive and rotary coring drilling on live electricity sub-station sites (or planned new sites).

All work was undertaken on consecutive days, moving between sites and enjoying the stunning Lake District views.

Many sites were challenging due to access restrictions and the presence of many services.

A Ground Probing Radar was used to assist with the delineation of services.

Teggsnose Reservoir, Macclesfield

Work recently commenced on our second reservoir project in the Stockport office.  We are engaged by a contractor to oversee temporary and permanent groundworks.

Construction works includes the construction of a new wave wall on the dam, with foundations placed within the clay core.

Ongoing works includes the completion of laboratory environmental and geotechnical testing, ground gas monitoring and the completion of the interpretative report.

This report will advise on ground conditions for foundation design purposes and to determine whether there are any contamination issues.

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“Earth Environmental & Geotechnical are a specialist consultancy practice offering services for the assessment and development of land for the property sector. Our clients include residential and commercial developers, the retail sector, financial institutions and contractors.

The company was established in March 2003 by Adam Czarnecki and Elizabeth Czarnecki