“Solar energy is bigger than ever, and yet as it continues to grow, it becomes all the more affordable. Here’s how, during our time in the industry, we’ve seen solar panels become a far more attractive prospect for homeowners.”

We believe in every business that resides in Houldsworth Business & Arts Centre, none more so than Project Solar UK. In their many years of service within the renewable energy market, they’ve seen the popularity of solar panels grow from a luxury for people who could afford them, to a viable investment option for homes and business across the UK.

Solar has become very popular due to its emerging technology and people still want to learn more about it. We help our customers do this, at their own pace and on their own terms, with a wide range of resources available.

The strength of solar energy is largely down to two main motivators:

Cost-saving potential  |  Environmental Health

Fortunately, these are two very vocal communities, meaning that our advice to customers…

– whether in person, over the phone, or even through our blogs –

…is always well-received and appreciated.

Boosting awareness

There is a constant exchange of information between our solar experts and our customers, after which the customers pass their experiences to our specialist team and the cycle continues! It’s all geared towards making people aware about solar and its many benefits.

It might be a bit of a clichéd thing to say, but customer service is important to us. We get that installing solar panels is a big decision for our clients to undertake. Therefore, a major part of our sales technique, is introduced in a non-pressured sales fashion for that reason. We think our customers appreciate this – nobody wants to feel pushed into an investment, like solar.

Renewable young upstarts

The renewables sector is young, with a growing number of competitive businesses in the market place challenging ‘the big six’ (British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power, and SSE).

We cut the jargon and lay out the benefits for our customers: ‘you will save money on your electricity bills and you will make some more along the way – all the while doing your bit to help the environment.’ Who can argue with that? We make switching to solar the simplest thing in the world.

We now complete more than 100 installations each week, using our own highly skilled roofers and electricians

Proud to be a part of the HBAC family.

So that’s enough about us. You can learn more by visiting our website. Have a look at some of the blogs we’ve written! We’re always keeping one ear close to the ground – you have to when things move so quickly!

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Project Solar UK Ltd

Tel: 01283 243 597
Email: matt.ralston@projectsolaruk.com


About us:

Project Solar UK are a well-established Renewable Energy company. We have a dedicated team with over 8 years of experience in designing and installing Solar PV systems, and over 25 years of experience within the electrical industry itself. We currently offer some of the world’s leading Solar PV panels.

Over the last 3 years we have become one of the market leaders for the provision of renewable energy sources, offering an unrivalled service in the field of photovoltaic solar installations. Over the last two years, as a team we have successfully completed over 12,000 installations on Solar PV alone.